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RichardRichard Knight is a retired educator having served as a school administrator and teacher for over 30 years. Throughout his career he often used video as a teaching tool and it gradually became a passion which lead to a new career.

Richard graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Education, English Major. He then went on to Gonzaga University and completed a Masters of Arts in Administration and Curriculum degree.

He currently writes an educational column for Kelowna's own Castanet. Since storytelling is the essence of good video promotion, given his educational background, Richard has the skills to do just that. He will interview you, storyboard your video and get you in on the final touches.

Richard is also a musician. He plays drums, guitar and a bit of piano. He has used his music skills to create soundtracks using Logic Studio, Garage Band and Soundtrack Pro.

With KnightKnight Productions, you get the full package at a very affordable price.

Remember, "A picture speaks a thousand words. A video tells the whole story."

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